About de Jong

De Jong’s Liften and their network of dealers sell and hire a wide range of hoists for construction, industry and storage. The product range consists of material hoists, passenger/goods hoists, industrial elevators and warehouse elevators. They not only deliver the hoists but also offer the customer a complete service package.

This service consists of:

  • Preparing installation drawings and strength calculations
  • Custom solutions based on specific customer requirements
  • Transporting, erecting, on-site relocation and dismantling of the hoists
  • Inspecting machines in accordance with the legally prescribed requirements
  • 24/7 repair service
  • Maintenance
  • Training the personnel

For construction-related hoists you can contact our dealers.

You can contact De Jong’s Liften directly for the purchase of warehouse and industrial elevators. For more information please call us on +31 (0)345 636 000 or email us at verkoop@jongliften.nl.

The machines available for hire from De Jong’s Liften and its dealers include of a wide range of construction-related hoists. For every project and every height we offer you a suitable machine: material hoists, transport platforms and/or passenger/goods hoists. Click here for the list of dealers or contact De Jong’s Liften You can send an email to verhuur@jongliften.nl or call +31 (0)345 636 000.