Warehouse Elevator SL series


The SL series: the standard warehouse elevator that meets your specifications

De Jong’s Liften offer a wide range of warehouse elevators for transporting materials in a warehouse, storage facility or distribution centre– indoors or outdoors. The special feature of this range is its flexibility. The customer configures their own machine based on their specifications, with no additional costs for customisation! There are also many accessories available.

The base SL series consists of hoists with a lifting capacity of 300 kg to a whopping 3,000 kg in a wide range of platform sizes with different options such as various loading and unloading ramps, light curtains and ramp blockers. Even a warehouse elevator with ramps on three sides for loading and unloading of goods is an option.Warehouse elevators with a non-standard lifting capacity and/or platform size can be provided on request. A single or twin combination is also possible.

For the warehouse elevators no constructional modifications are necessary. And often no machine room or hoist pit is required. In the event of an internal relocation or renovation, the hoist can be moved and adapted as necessary. This is a huge advantage, as it saves both time and money!

The hoists can easily be placed in a new building or even an existing one. All the hoists are equipped with a centrifugal brake, so the chance of damage to the goods during transport is very small.

NEW The SL warehouse elevator is now also available with passenger accompaniment. This is an option.

Lifting capacity (kg)*30030040050075010001500200025003000
Platform sizes**
800 x 800 mmX
1000 x 1000 mmX
1900 x 1200 mmXX
1900 x 1435 mmXXXXX
1435 x 1200 mmXXXXX
1435 x 1435 mmXXXXXXXXX
2400 x 1435 mmXXXXXXX
2900 x 1435 mmXXXXXXX
3400 x 1435 mmXXXX
3900 x 1435 mmXXXX
4200 x 1435 mmXXXX
Lifting speed (m/min)11111111111111111111
Supply voltage (V)230230400400400400400400400400
Connection (Amp)16163232326363636363
Motor rating kW1,51,51,53,05,52 x 4,02 x 4,02 x 4,02 x 4,02 x 4,0
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