Passenger/goods hoists

De Jong’s Liften have a wide range of passenger/goods hoists, from compact to large hoists with a high lifting capacity. All hoists are compliant with machinery directive NEN-EN 12159 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC and are fully approved.

The range of passenger/goods hoists consists of two product lines: the PT series and the HP series. A special feature of both series is the recently introduced extension box system for easy conversion of the platform and ergonomic maintenance and erection/dismantling of the hoist.

The PT series has an open cab and features a roof with a hatch for the transport of long objects such as scaffolding tubes. The series is available in platform sizes of 150 x 150 cm to 420 x 150 cm with a lifting capacity of 500 kg to 2,000 kg. The maximum lifting speed is 24 m/min. with a maximum mast height of 150 metres.

The HP series has an enclosed cab and provides comfortable transportation of goods and passengers, even in harsh weather conditions. The series is available in platform sizes of 320 x 160 cm to 420 x 160 cm with lifting capacities of 1,500 kg to 2,000 kg. The maximum lifting speed is 60 m/min with a mast height of 150 metres.

The new HP series offers two big advantages: flexibility and ergonomics

Flexibility through the box system, which allows the hoist to be easily converted to various sizes and versions. Ergonomics because erection and dismantling of the hoist and the maintenance are considerably less physically demanding for the workers. The complete motor carriage can simply be lowered into the cab. This saves space during transport, improves ergonomics and saves time and money during erection/dismantling and maintenance of the machine.