The story began in 1919. The company was founded in Leiden but soon moved to Hazerswoude, where they initially developed and produced construction equipment, mainly concrete mixing plants, truck and turbine mixers and roller and tipping mills. Even then, De Jong’s Liften produced winches, lifts and cranes. The range was then further expanded to include steel Rhine cruisers and transport trailers, for horses for example. In 1956, the company opened a second location in Vianen and began focusing more and more on the development and production of construction hoists. In addition to hoists, the company also manufactured concrete mixers on a large scale, particularly in the 1970s.

Specialist in hoists

At the end of the last century the decision was taken to focus entirely on the production of hoists. In 2000, De Jong’s Liften moved to a completely new location in Leerdam, where the company is still located today. In 2008 there was a need for even more space, for assembly and testing new machines. The assembly hall and the training facility were expanded further.
It was a time of many developments. De Jong’s Liften no longer focused just on construction hoists but also on warehouse elevators and industrial elevators. The dealer network was growing, both domestically and abroad.
In 2017, De Jong’s Liften became an approved VSB training location for the material hoist course for technicians and technician’s assistants. In 2018, De Jong’s lifts built a completely new sales and production facility in the Czech Republic. This is where parts for the various hoists and warehouse and industrial elevators for the local market are produced.
De Jong’s Liften has certainly not been idle for the past 100 years.