Material hoists AT50 & AT75


The AT50 and AT75 from De Jong’s Liften have a lifting capacity of 500 kg and 750 kg respectively. These rack and pinion hoists are ideal for the larger, higher and more rugged construction projects. The standard platform size is 150 x 150 cm, but this can be enlarged with an expansion set to 250 x 150 cm or 300 x 150 cm. This set is easy to install, because all the required bolt holes are already present on the standard version. The hoist has a maximum freestanding height of 10.5 metres with the standard platform size. This is unique and ideal, especially on projects where installation of anchors is difficult if not impossible.

NEW: an improved extension mast with five mast bolts rather than three. The distance between anchors is now 7.5 metres, whereas it was previously 6 metres. In addition, the first anchor can now be placed at a height of 9 metres rather than 8 metres.

  • The AT50 and AT75 are fully compliant with machinery directive 2006/42/EC and approved in accordance with NEN-EN 12158-1+A1.
  • Various components are interchangeable with the PT500A passenger/goods hoist.
  • The platform is equipped with a 110 cm entry ramp and a 60 cm exit ramp and is enclosed with a 110 cm high fence. A low base enclosure and side protection are available as options.
  • The hoists are equipped with a centrifugal brake.
  • Accessories: sliding landing gates, landing controller (ESU), swapping set, lubrication system.
Lifting capacity500 kg750 kg
Platform size (standard)150 x 150 cm150 x 150 cm
Platform size (option 1)250 x 150 cm/400 kg250 x 150 cm/650 kg
Platform size (option 2)300 x 150 cm/350 kg300 x 150 cm/600 kg
Lifting speed24 m/min21 m/min
Number of persons00
Tilt frameNoNo
Mast height anchored (max)75 m75 m
Mast height freestanding (max)10.5 m7.5 m
Anchor distance9 m9 m
Mast height above top anchor3 m3 m
Height first anchor9 m9 m
Distance towing line4.5 m4.5 m
Voltage400 V400 V
Connection25 Amp (traag)25 Amp (traag)
Propulsion force4.0 kW5.5 kW
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