Material hoist AT2000


The AT2000 rack and pinion material hoist from De Jong’s Liften has a lifting capacity of 2,150 kg with a platform size of 220 x 150 cm. The platform can be expanded to 320 x 150 cm (2,150 kg) or 420 x 150 cm (1,650 kg). The maximum mast height is 150 metres.

A variable-frequency drive and landing controller (ESU) are available as options.
The AT2000 is compliant with the NEN-EN 12158-1+A1 standard and machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

  • The hoist is equipped with a centrifugal brake and overload protection to ensure that the maximum lifting capacity is not exceeded.
  • Various components of the AT2000 are interchangeable with those of the AT and PT/HP series, such as the expansion set, fences, entry and exit ramps and anchoring materials. This not only saves money but also offers flexibility and convenience for configuring the various hoists.
  • The mast is interchangeable with those of the PT/HP1000F passenger/goods hoists and the PT and HP series.
  • The platform is equipped with a 110 cm entry ramp and a 60 cm exit ramp and is enclosed with a 110 cm high fence. A low base enclosure and side protection are available as options.
  • Accessories: sliding landing gate, ESU (Landing Controller), swapping set, lubrication system
AT2000 (220x150)AT2000 (320x150)AT2000 (420x150)
Lifting capacity2,150 kg2,150 kg1,650 kg
Platform size  (standard)220 x 150 cm320 x 150 cm420 x 150 cm
Lifting speed24 m/min24 m/min24 m/min
Number of persons000
Tilting frameNoNoNo
ESU (Landing Controller)OptionalOptionalOptional
Frequency controllerOptionalOptionalOptional
Double draaideuren (frontside platform)OptionalOptionalOptional
Mast height anchored (max.)150 m150 m150 m
Mast height freestanding (max.)8 m*8 m*8 m*
Anchor distance12 m12 m12 m
Mast height above top anchor9 m9 m9 m
Distance cable guide4.5 m4.5 m4.5 m
Supply voltage400 V400 V400 V
Connection63 Amp63 Amp63 Amp
Motor rating2 x 7.5 kW2 x 7.5 kW2 x 7.5 kW

* The groundframe has to be anchored,
only possible for platform sizes 220 x 150 cm
and 320 x 150 cm

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