Passenger/goods hoists HP1542 & HP2032


The De Jong HP series of passenger/goods hoists consists of two models: the HP1542 with a lifting capacity of 1,500 kg and a platform size of 420 x 160 cm, and the HP2032 with a lifting capacity of 2,000 kg and a platform size of 320 x 160 cm. The HP series has an enclosed cab. The maximum mast height of both hoists is 150 metres; the lifting speed is 60 m/min. The hoists are available with either an analogue or a digital controller, both with a variable-frequency drive.

Digital controller
With the digital version, the hoist data, such as faults, productivity and maintenance status, can be read out remotely. In many situations this saves time and money because problems can often be detected and resolved without the need to send a technician to the site. User-specific authorisations can be assigned for reading out and managing the hoist data. It is also possible to change the interface language during use, which is a handy feature at job sites where there are workers from various countries.

The new HP series offers two big advantages: flexibility and ergonomics
Flexibility through the box system, which allows the hoist to be easily converted to various sizes and versions. The base platform is 320 x 160 cm and can be extended by 50 cm on the short sides with an extension box that attaches to the base machine with a hook system.

Ergonomics because erection and dismantling of the hoist and the maintenance are considerably less physically demanding for the workers. The complete motor carriage can simply be lowered into the cab. This saves space during transport, improves ergonomics and saves time and money during erection/dismantling and maintenance of the machine.

Lifting capacity1500 kg2000 kg
Platform size (standard)420 x 160 cm320 x 160 cm
Lifting capacity60 m/min60 m/min
Number of persons1824
Frequency controlYesYes
Digital controllerOptionalOptional
Mast height anchored(max.)150 m150 m
Mast height freestanding (max.)0 m0 m
Anchor distance12 m12 m
Mast height above top anchor3 m3 m
Distance cable guide4.5 m4.5 m
Suppy voltage400 V400 V
Connection63 Amp63 Amp
Motor rating2 x 7.5 kW2 x 7.5 kW
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